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Organic Jasmintee Dragon Pearls

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The Organic Jasmine Tea Dragon Pearls (龍珠) is the king among the jasmine teas. Only the finest and highest quality young green tea leaves are harvested by hand and then flavoured together with jasmine blossoms for several days.

Subsequently, the leaves are separated from the jasmine blossoms again in artistic work and rolled into delicate balls. A tea of the dragon hearts ... makes tea hearts beat faster!


Poured on, it has a wonderful golden yellow colour and the fresh taste of jasmine makes you dream of magnificent seas of flowers in spring.


Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls comes from a tea garden near the Wuqiangxi Dam and is from controlled organic cultivation.


The Jasmine Dragon Pearls is very sensitive to high temperatures. We therefore recommend brewing this exceptional tea at 75 degrees for 2 minutes. To prevent the tea from cooling down too quickly you should preheat the cup and pot.

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