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Matcha Organic Superior

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Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha is just great! It comes from the Uji district in Kyoto, which is one of the most famous tea regions in Japan. After harvesting, the tea leaves are separated from stems and leaf veins, leaving only the valuable leaf flesh.

The pure leaf flesh is called Tencha (碾茶). The Tencha is then gently and above all slowly ground on stone mills. If the grinding process is too fast, too much heat is generated and the tea loses quality. The final result is a wonderfully bright, deep green powder - Matcha in its perfect perfection.


Our Uji Matcha has a sensational aroma. Its intense and fresh character convinced us right away. Due to the shading of the tea plants before harvesting, the Matcha has almost no bitter substances and is as soft as a lotus leaf in the rising sun of Japan. All this is rounded off by a full-bodied umami and a dense, velvety creamy consistency.


The Organic Uji Matcha Superior comes from the Takezawa Tea Farm. This tea farm is located in the Uji region of central Japan and produces top quality sustainable tea. As our Matcha Organic Superior proves, the teas from the Uji region are among the best the Japanese tea world has to offer. Go to the blog post

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