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Organic Hon Gyokuro Kusanagi

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Gyokuro Kusanagi is an impressive Japanese green tea. Gyokuro (玉露) means "noble dewdrop" in Japanese.
Though the tea leaves fill with chlorophyll and lose almost all unpleasant bitter substances. The result is an exquisite green tea, which is drunk in Japan mainly on special occasions. If you want to learn more about it, just have a look at on our blog!


The Gyokuro Kusanagi tastes invigoratingly fresh and has a full, invigorating umami. When it cools down a bit, passion fruit and mango notes are slowly added. You can learn more about our premium Gyokuro in our tasting video:

Origin of the Gyokuro

Our Hon-Gyokuro comes from the Takezawa Tea Farm. This tea farm is located in the Uji region of central Japan and produces top quality sustainable tea. Uji is known for producing some of the best tea qualities in Japan. Besides our great Gyokuro, the Takezawa Tea Farm also produces our fantastic Matcha!

Preparation of Gyokuro

Gyokuro is a very high quality product and should be prepared with love. We recommend to infuse the tea with 6 g on 500 ml 60 degrees hot water for 2 minutes. Several infusions are definitely possible!

For the ideal Gyokuro experience you can also prepare the tea in the Kyusu, an original Japanese one-handed pot. For this you should brew 4 g of tea with 100 ml of 50 degrees hot water for 3 minutes.

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