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Organic Kagoshima Matcha

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This Uji Matcha is a wonderful introduction to the demanding world of Matcha, as it is light and mild without losing depth or complexity. The leaf material comes from Uji, Japan. The raw tea, in Japanese Tencha (碾茶), is slowly and gently ground in old stone mills to fine green matcha. The result is a powerful and creamy Matcha.


Gently when opening the tea tin the Matcha exudes a fragrant fresh smell. Once prepared, you can enjoy a seductively creamy Matcha, which makes green tea hearts beat faster. A dominant umami is rounded off by a natural, slightly grassy taste.


The Organic Uji Matcha comes from the Takezawa Tea Farm. This tea farm is located in the Uji region of central Japan and produces top quality sustainable tea. As our Organic Uji Matcha proves, the teas from the Uji region are among the best the Japanese tea world has to offer.


You want to know how to prepare your Matcha in the best way? No problem, here in our blog post you will find everything you need for a delicious bowl of matcha. Lots of friends while preparing!

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