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Original Milky Oolong from Taiwan

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We have been looking for a supplier of high quality and original Milky Oolong tea for a long time and after talking & Tastings with some of our regular customers we decided to use this delicious tea from Mr. Cai from Bei Shan, who steams his base Oolong with milk flavors to achieve the unique taste. Martin tells you more about this fantastic tea in our Tasting Video:


When dry, the Milky Oolong - also called Milk Oolong - spreads a very sweet and pleasant scent. The milky note resonates intensively and is a wonderful addition to the creamy, light taste of Milky Oolong, even after preparation.

Origin & Facts

This premium Oolong tea comes from Mr Cai's tea garden in the Taiwanese highlands and is grown at an altitude of about 1000 meters. This delicate and seductively creamy seduction is made from the cultivar Jin Xuan (金萱), which translates as "golden day lily".

Origin:From Shan, Taiwan

Oxidation level: 15-20%



Our Milky Oolong can be infused up to five times. With a water temperature of 80-90° degrees for initially 3 minutes and then 4 - 5 minutes with each further infusion.

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