Our corporate philosophy

It all began in India. Martin, one of the founders of Friends of Tea, was one day out and about at the Glenburn Tea Estate in the highlands of Darjeeling. Surrounded by sustainably cultivated tea plants in the mountain slopes of the Himalayas, he had an idea: how about bringing the tea directly from the tea gardens to the end consumer? The tea trade is in fact characterized by long

trade chains. From the tea garden to the end consumer, a tea often passes through up to 15 different intermediaries. Tea of inferior quality is often produced in the countries of origin at minimal prices. Due to the many middlemen, these teas in Germany often demand a horrendous price despite their quality.

Infographics about the development of the tea trade

What we are looking for

We are always looking for fantastic new teas for our assortment all over the world. For this we usually travel directly to the countries of origin. So you can get a direct impression of the tea garden. We get to know the local people and build a connection to the tea. In order for a tea to be included in our shop, it must meet certain requirements.

2. The tea must come directly from the tea garden. >

>em>3. The taste characteristics of the tea must be of the highest standard.>/p>

All our teas are regularly checked for residues. Only when a tea is completely flawless may it find its way into a Friends of Tea bag!

Tea pickers in Darjeeling

About the team of Friends of Tea


Martin is the founder of Friends of Tea. Through a photo trip to India the idea of selling own high quality tea developed.
"I founded Friends of Tea with the idea to bring high quality tea directly from the producer into the cups of our customers. This not only ensures good quality, but above all a fair payment for our tea farmers."


Eric is the second managing director of Friends of Tea. Since mid-2017 he is mainly responsible for the online shop and marketing issues. In addition, he is responsible for logistics and merchandise management."">>div>
"Actually, I just stumbled in when Martin was just starting to implement his idea of an online shop for sustainable and high-quality teas. For me it was the perfect opportunity to combine my strengths in the field of digital media with a topic that is both extremely exciting and challenging. It was only through Friends of Tea that I developed my passion for tea and even (almost) completely renounced coffee."


Leo has been employed as a tea specialist with Friends of Tea since March 2019. He is mainly responsible for the Friends of Tea Blog, merchandise purchasing and social media channels.

"I found my love for tea more by chance. I stumbled into a tea shop one day and was immediately fascinated by the immense variety of this wonderful product. It is just great to dive into the world of tea and discover all the wonderful varieties. This is exactly how I love to exchange ideas with other tea lovers. Because the best cup of tea is created by the people with whom you drink it.