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Organic Four Seasons Oolong

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Tea gardens in Taiwan rarely have "garden names", but mostly belong to individuals, like Mr. Chen's garden. He sells small quantities of the great Four Seasons Oolong to selected retailers. We are very happy to be one of these dealers!


The Four Seasons Oolong has a very light cup colour and a light and refreshing character, which changes easily to earthy when infused for a longer time. The consistency of the tea is pleasantly soft and almost a little creamy. Particularly fine palates can taste here and there also delicate floral notes from the tea.

Origin & Facts

This top tea comes from the tea garden of Mr Chen from the Taiwanese region of Nantou and is grown at an altitude of about 350 meters. The special tea plants from which our Four Seasons Oolong is made are characterised by their consistent quality all year round. The Taiwanese therefore call this tea Si Ji (四季) or in English "four seasons". Origin:

Origin: Ming Jan, Nantou, Taiwan

Oxidation level: 15-20%

Cultivar: 4 times . Prepare with a water temperature of 80-90° degrees for initially 3 minutes and then 4 - 5 minutes with each further infusion.

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