We at Friends of Tea are part of a global community. We therefore take responsibility and act ecologically and ethically conscientiously. The way we do business today should not have a negative impact on our environment and the lives of future generations. Sustainability is therefore particularly important to us. 

Our products have a positive impact on their users and the world. This is only possible because we believe that diversity is the key to the success of open societies and successful companies. Creativity and extraordinary achievements can only develop in an open environment. We therefore promote such a culture of equal opportunities.

We all are part of an ecosystem oursEarth. That is why we are working on implementing the highest ethical and ecological standards, our standards, also with our partners and suppliers and to commit them to compliance with our Code of Conduct. We test our products on friends, not on animals.

We pay attention to ecological sustainability from delivery to our own packaging. 

As part of our program to reduce environmental pollution, we carry out numerous measures: From the purchase of office electricity from renewable energies, the use of state-of-the-art equipment with maximum energy efficiency to the sending of invoices by email to save paper. If we have to print something, we use paper that is 100% recycled and thus protects our forests. All types of paper we use, including packaging, bear the FSC®Seal. FSC® stands for wood from well-managed forests.