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Harendong Organic Light Oolong

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Our Harendong Light Oolong from Indonesia is an outstanding fresh and mild tea, which develops its full aroma even after the fourth infusion. A perfect Oolong tea for beginners, as its mild but complex character gives a great insight into the diverse world of Oolong teas!

The Harendong Light Oolong has tightly rolled leaves, which open slowly after infusion and reveal their full splendour. It was made after the model of Taiwanese Oolongs and is a prime example for the fact that good Oolong does not necessarily have to come from China or Taiwan!


In dry condition the hand-rolled tea smells fresh and floral, almost like a flower meadow covered with morning dew in spring. A delicate note of honey rounds off this floral-light Oolong perfectly! With every infusion the taste changes a little bit. If you want to learn more about this Indonesian beauty, then watch our tasting video:


This tea comes from the Harendong Tea Garden on the island of Java in Indonesia. The organically certified tea garden is located in the middle of a magnificent nature reserve and produces outstanding Oolong teas.

The tea garden does not use pesticides and herbicides and places great emphasis on producing tea in harmony with nature. So you can enjoy twice as much!


This Oolong can be infused at least four times. It is best to infuse it with 6g of tea leaves to 500 ml at 80-90° degrees for initially 2-3 minutes and then 4 - 5 minutes with each further infusion. Have fun while enjoying!


Video über den Teegarten

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