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Harendong Organic Medium Oolong

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For all those who like it roasted and crunchy, the Harendong Organic Medium Oolong is definitely the right choice. The raw tea has been gently roasted during production to change the taste profile of the tea. The roasting process makes the taste softer, rounder and sweeter.

The Harendong Medium Oolong has tightly rolled leaves, which slowly open after infusion and reveal their full splendour. It was produced according to the model of Taiwanese Oolongs and is a prime example for the fact that good Oolong does not necessarily have to come from China or Taiwan!


On the dry tea leaves the roasting is still clearly visible: a deep, dark smell is also recognizable, especially fine noses also recognize a light note of caramel and something discreetly earthy. Over the infusions, the initially roasty taste changes into the sweeter and almost fruity direction.

BBQ is unfortunately not available here, but if you are more in the mood for Roasty-Flavour, then take a look at our tasting video with Martin:


This tea comes from the Harendong tea garden on the island of Java in Indonesia. The organically certified tea garden is located in the middle of a magnificent nature reserve and produces outstanding Oolong teas.


This Oolong can be infused up to five times. For the perfect cup of Medium Oolong, 6 g of tea leaves should be infused with 500 ml of 80-90° C hot water for an initial 3 minutes and then 4 - 5 minutes with each additional infusion.



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