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Glenburn Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP1

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The freshly brewed tea tastes fruity, light and refreshing. When the tea cools down a little, mild citrus notes become more present.


This tea comes from the Glenburn Tea Estate in the Darjeeling region. The family-owned estate employs only local workers and is actively engaged in improving local living conditions.

What actually means FTGFOP1

FOP1 represents the care of the picking: Only the buds with the top two tender leaves are picked and leaves of coarser, lower quality remain on the shrub. The number one is awarded in Darjeeling for leaves of the highest quality. FTG, Finest Tippy Golden means that the tea contains many fine, light tips. The tips are brighter because they contain less cell sap. So with a FTGFOP1 tea you get one of the highest quality Darjeeling teas made from the best leaves.


Our founder Martin helped to make an image video for the Glenburn Tea Estate in 2016. Since then we have had a great relationship with this tea garden and continue to source high quality teas from there. Check out the video:

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