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Organic Jin Xuan Oolong

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This tea is brewed almost daily in our Friends of Tea office, as we are all big Oolong fans. Mr. Cai cultivates the Jin Xuan just like the Milk Oolong at an altitude of 1000 meters, thus achieving a great and above all organically sustainable quality of the tea.


The Jin Xuan is a typical Taiwan Oolong and reveals floral and fruity notes when infused. The distinctive creamy and creamy character of this tea is particularly striking. An enchanting Oolong, which can convince with a multi-faceted taste. Martin tells you more about this concentrated taste experience in our tasting video:

Origin & Facts

This top tea comes from Mr Cai's tea garden in the Taiwanese highlands and is grown at an altitude of about 1000 meters. This wonderfully aromatic tea is made from the Jin Xuan (金萱) Kultivar, whose name means "golden daylily". This tea cultivar is especially known for its creamy and milky taste.

Origin:Origin: By Shan, Taiwan

Oxidation level: 15-20%

Cultivar: Jin Xuan (金萱)


Our Organic Jin Xuan Oolong can be infused up to four times With a water temperature of 80 - 90° degrees for initially 3 minutes and then 4 - 5 minutes with each further infusion.

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