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Glenburn Assam Golden Tips

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In addition to the Himalayan Imperial Black, the Glenburn Assam Golden Tips is another of our strong black teas.

The freshly brewed tea tastes strong and distinctive and is for many the ideal basis for a good start to the day. Many people like to drink their Assam with milk, but we recommend that you enjoy our Glenburn Assam without milk for the time being to discover all the nuances of the tea.

The cup colour is a wonderful amber orange.


This tea comes from the Glenburn Tea Estate in the Assam region. The family-owned estate employs only local workers and is actively engaged in improving local living conditions. 100° C and should steep for 3 minutes. To prevent the tea from cooling down too quickly, you should preheat the cup and pot.


Our founder Martin helped to make an image video for the Glenburn Tea Estate in 2016. Since then we have had a great relationship with this tea garden and continue to source quality teas from there. Check out the video:

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