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Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips

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Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips from Nepal is an extremely high quality black tea from the southeast of Nepal. Nepal is still a young tea cultivation area and for us it is the region of new beginnings: the Nepalese are motivated to create their very own tea culture and not just a copy of the famous Darjeeling teas.

For this tea the fine leaf shoots of the tea plant are plucked by skilful hands and then lovingly rolled by hand, which unfortunately has become very rare nowadays. A fantastic black tea, of which only very small quantities are processed every year.


The Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips smells very floral and fresh, very similar to high quality Darjeeling teas.

The freshly brewed tea tastes very fruity, light and refreshing. When the tea cools down a bit, citrus notes become more present. The tea also has a pleasant spicy note. Martin will tell you more about this enchanting tea from the Himalayas in our tasting video:


This tea comes from the Jun Chiyabari tea garden in southeast Nepal. Founded in 2000 (and therefore still very young tea garden), this tea garden produces top-quality teas in the immediate vicinity of the Indian border and the famous tea region of Darjeeling.

One of the great features of the Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden is its willingness to experiment, because a tea like the Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips or our Imperial Black are quite unusual for the Himalayan region.

Learn more about the tea garden at our blog!


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