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Organic Japan Kukicha Green Tea

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Kukicha (茎茶) literally means "stem tea". The leaf stems give the tea a softer and more digestible taste, have less caffeine and are also more affordable!


After infusion the organic Kukicha smells like freshly cut grass. The delicate leaf stalks give the tea a subtle sweet note and make the taste light and round. Also umami fans will get their money's worth with this tea! Martin tells you more about this fantastic tea from the land of the rising sun in our tasting video:

Origin of the Kukicha

Our Kukicha comes from the Takezawa tea farm, which is located in the Uji region of the Japanese prefecture of Kyoto.


As a green tea, Kukicha does not tolerate too hot water, but the leaf stems make the tea less sensitive than other green teas. For the preparation we recommend to add 6 g of tea to 500 ml of 75 degrees hot water for 2 minutes.


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