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Organic Shan Lin Xi Oolong

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The Organic Shan Lin Xi Oolong is our pride and joy and one of the highest quality teas in our assortment. Tea gardens in Taiwan rarely have "garden names" but mostly belong to individuals, like Mr. Chen's garden. Besides great Four Seasons Oolong he also produces this outstanding Shan Lin Xi, which is grown and processed in very small quantities at an altitude of 1300-1400 meters.


When we first tasted this tea, we had to think of high quality wines and their multilevel taste. An outstanding and complex tea for connoisseurs and all those who want to become connoisseurs, which reveals light mango notes in addition to the fresh and smooth taste.

Origin & Facts

This top-quality tea comes from Mr Chen's tea garden in the Taiwanese highlands and is grown at an altitude of about 1300-1400 meters. This tea is produced from the cultivar Qing Xin (青心), which means "green heart". The Taiwanese appreciate this cultivar especially because of its slow growth, which allows a fine and aromatic taste to develop.

Origin: Shan Lin Xi, Taiwan

Oxidation level: 15-20%

Cultivar: 80 - 90° degrees for initially 3 minutes and then 4 - 5 minutes with each additional infusion.

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