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Organic Jasmine High Grade Jinjing

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After harvesting, fresh green tea is blended with stimulating jasmine flowers, giving the tea its distinctive aroma! A benefit for heart and soul!


The Jinjing has a beautiful light cup colour and has a mildly sweet taste. When infused, a wonderful bouquet of floral and floral jasmine notes opens up. The fresh taste of jasmine makes one dream of a magnificent sea of flowers in spring!


Our High Grade Jinjing comes from a family run tea farm in central China, which produces sustainably grown tea of the highest quality. To find a jasmine in this quality level is not an easy task in the big China and we are glad to be able to offer our customers such a great jasmine tea!


The High Grade Jinjing tastes best if you let 6 g of tea brew on 500 ml 80 degrees hot water for 2 minutes. Much pleasure in enjoying!


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