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KINTO Capsule Cold Brew carafe

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With the KINTO Capsule Cold Brew Carafe you can now conjure up a delicious Cold Brew Tea in your fridge! 

The carafe is made of cold and heat resistant glass and is extremely resistant. The tea can draw freely through the fine metal strainer and release its delicious taste into the water. 

The modern bottle shape with 750 ml capacity easily finds space in every refrigerator door. 

Spread coldbrew: how it works! 

How to prepare delicious coldbrew tea: 

  • Put 6 g of tea in the strainer of the KINTO Coldbrew carafe
  • Add water to the bottle
  • Depending on the tea, four to six hours, but ideally let it steep overnight

For particularly aromatic cold brew we recommend our Gyokuro green tea Kusanagi!

Ours also fit perfectly Cold brew recipes from the blog. Have a look.

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