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Organic Kabuse Sencha Superior

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We discovered our beautiful Organic Kabuse Sencha Superior on our last trip to Japan. Especially with this tea is that the valuable tea plants are overshadowed with so called "Kabusen" a few days before the harvest, similar to our Gyokuro.

This way more chlorophyll is formed in the plants and the bitter substances are broken down. The plant also builds up a mix of different amino acids, which give the tea its typical umami taste. The result is our rapidly animating Kabuse Sencha Superior!


This tea is clearly something for all those who can't get enough of freshness! The overshadowing of the tea plants results in a full, tasty umami. After infusion, the wet tea leaves give off a seductive scent, which reminds one of a fresh sea breeze and cut grass. You can learn more about this delicious Sencha in our tasting video:


The Organic Kabuse Sencha comes from the Takezawa Tea Farm, which is located in the Uji region of the Japanese prefecture of Kyoto.


One could argue about the correct preparation of a Sencha. But we think that the tea tastes best if you infuse 6 g of tea leaves with 500 ml of 70 degree hot water for 2 minutes.

Such a high-quality Sencha like this can also be infused without any problems in a Kyusu, an original Japanese one-handed pot! In addition 4 g of tea leaves with 100 ml 60 degrees hot water 2 minutes allow to pull.


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